Honeymoon Clothing tips

Honeymoon Clothing tips

What to wear on your honeymoon is no doubt something any new bride or groom thinks about, but who has the time to think about then when you are in the midst of putting together the biggest and one of the most important events in your life! Understanding how had it is, we have come up with some ideas and a check list to make it easier on you along with some tips on how to prepare yourself.

Keep In Mind…..

You’re going to be taking more photos then normal, you want to look your best. Pack ONLY the a-list and splurge where and when you can.

You may lose weight with the stress of the wedding so be sure to have a few sizes in your “what I am bringing” pile.

Know your destination. Is the resort casual, is it formal or what plans you are making for dinner? All of this will help you make a plan to know what you need to pack.

Don’t forget the sex appeal. This is your honeymoon for Pete’s Sake! Toss out the old PJ’s and go sexy. And if sexy isn’t your style, at the very least pack NEW pajamas!

Know your excursions. Have an idea of what you plan on doing. For example if you plan on riding down the beach at sunset on a horse, your going to need pants or at the very least long shorts in addition to shoes that wont fly off.

If you plan on hiking, biking or even taking a tour via ATV, pack appropriate clothing. Nothing could ruin your day more then having a rash, irritated skin or blisters from a fun day. Trust us, it will put a damper on your fun night.

Coordinate your jewelry so you can pack as light as you can but always look hip and fresh,

Shopping Tips…

Utilize companies that promote summer and resort clothing ALL YEAR LONG that market to the honeymoon market and they know what you need!

SHOP months in advance. The time of year you are getting married is important. Especially if you want to have al news clothes for your trip do not wait for the last minute to pull out your packing. Lay out what you think you can use of what you have then make a plan on how to go about acquiring all your new honeymoon styles.

If you see it, buy it. Don’t trust that it will be there when you get back and if you get your heart set on something, it is never that easy to find it!

If you are getting married in a winter month be sure to shop resort wear in any of the larger department stores or if you plan far enough in advance start shopping when summer clothes are out months before your big day.

Consider your destination before shopping. If you are going to an island you will want flowing and sexy. If you are going to cold a cold weather locale, splurge for the sexy snow suit and think classy and simple for Europe.

Buy for each other when you can and prices are right!

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